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Dr Naz Hussain

Cosmetic restorative dentist

GDC 73304 BDS WALES 1997

Dr Hussain qualified from University Of Wales College Of Medicine in 1997.  Dr Hussain takes particular interest in restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry along with facial aesthetics, his main focus has always been to deliver smile makeovers in the safest and most minimally invasive way attracting patients globally to travel to see him.

His artistic nature allows him to create beautiful smiles through the techniques of composite bonding, it also allows him to deliver smile makeovers through a combination of Invisalign, teeth whitening and composite bonding techniques. With a passion for facial aesthetics and having undergone advanced training in this field, Dr Hussain also provides additional treatments using muscle relaxant injections, skin boosters and dermal fillers to compliment dental treatments.

Dr Hussain specialises in treatments for gummy smiles, muscle pain/headaches from grinding/clenching, facial profile balancing and improvement of skin laxity and texture. To stay abreast of the latest science, research and trends within Dentistry and is also a member of the British Dental Association. He regularly takes part in continuing education seminars, lectures and conferences across the UK to ultimately ensure his patients are receiving the best modern dental treatment available. Outside of Dentistry, Dr Hussain enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his family.

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Dr Adeel Ali


GDC NO: 153567

Dr. Ali is an industry leader in the specialist field of implant dentistry and a champion of superior customer care in the dental profession. Where artistry meets implantology, Adeel’s expert and patient-centric approach to restorative dental care is changing the lives of people who have previously lacked the confidence to smile.

After obtaining his Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties of England (MJDF RCS) of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr. Ali underwent surgical training, under the guidance and mentorship of Professor Hilt Tatum – a pioneer in implant dentistry who invented the sinus bone graft procedure in 1975. Dr Ali has since performed many surgical procedures with Professor Tatum, including learning the innovative sinus grafting technique.

As well as performing implant procedures across ten practices in the UK, Dr. Ali is a trainer, mentor and dental implant lead at the Dental Care Group.

His expert training under some of the dental industry’s most prominent professors, such as the pioneer of the dental implant, Professor Hilt Tatum and the globally renowned dental implant surgeon, Dr Balwant Vekaria, is testament to his place as a leading light in transformative dentistry.

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Dr Zainab Rahim


GDC NO: 284264

Dr Rahim qualified from Kings College in 2019. Her main area of interest lies in cosmetic and restorative dentistry with a minimally invasive approach. She provides a wide range of routine dental care and advanced dental procedures.Teeth whitening, composite bondings and restorative treatments like onlays, crowns and veneers, are part of her everyday practice.

Dr Rahim puts a lot of emphasis on patient experience and her main goal is to provide outstanding dentistry in a relaxed environment. She is a caring and enthusiastic professional, very passionate about dentistry and constantly striving for excellence.

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GDC - 4207

Dedicated to promoting smiles and optimal oral health, Alison is an accomplished dental hygienist with a proven track record in delivering compassionate care. With 30 years of experience in private work and RAF, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence to every patient interaction.

Alisons responsibilities include conducting thorough oral examinations, performing dental cleanings, and providing personalised oral hygiene instructions to patients of all ages. She is well-versed in the latest dental technologies and stays abreast of advancements in the field to ensure the highest standard of care.

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GDC NO: 298703

Sarah is a seasoned Business Operations Manager with a proven track record of optimizing organizational efficiency. With a background in strategic planning and process improvement, Sarah has successfully led cross-functional teams to streamline operations and enhance overall productivity.

Sarah is dedicated to fostering collaboration and ensuring seamless business processes to achieve and exceed organisational goals.She is also is a dedicated CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered manager with extensive experience in healthcare leadership. With a focus on delivering high-quality care services, Sarah has a proven history of ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Known for effective communication and team leadership, Sarah fosters a culture of excellence within her healthcare teams, striving to elevate the quality of care provided.

In addition to this she is also is a skilled and compassionate Dental Nurse with a wealth of experience in supporting dental practitioners and ensuring top-notch patient care.

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HallI is a dynamic Business and Finance Manager with a strong track record in enhancing the business health and operational efficiency of dental practices. With her expertise in financial management and strategic planning, she has been instrumental in optimising financial operations and fostering sustainable growth. Hally is committed to ensuring smooth and efficient business processes, aligning financial strategies with the practice's overall objectives to surpass organiSational goals.

Bringing extensive knowledge in healthcare administration to her role. HallI's focus on adhering to regulatory standards and delivering high-quality care services has been pivotal in maintaining compliance and fostering a culture of excellence within the practice. Her effective communication skills and leadership abilities have significantly contributed to the development of a proficient and cohesive healthcare team.

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GDC - 301526

Amy is a qualified dental nurse who started her journey here at One Dental from the very start of her career. She always strives to be the best version of herself. Amy loves to help others and make everyone feel at ease to provide amazing service from start to finish.

One dental has helped her flourish in her career and learn new skills everyday. Amy enjoys to travel and spend spare time with friends and family.

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Hollie is a dedicated and passionate trainee dental nurse on a mission to make a difference in the field of dentistry. With a genuine love for helping others and a fascination with oral health, Hollie brings boundless enthusiasm to their training.

Whether it's assisting with dental procedures, comforting nervous patients, or ensuring the practice runs smoothly.

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