Regain the full function and aesthetics of your smile in Peterborough with our custom-made dentures, designed for comfort and a natural appearance. Embrace a new level of confidence with dentures that perfectly fit your lifestyle and needs.

  • Practical and cost-effective solution.
  • Restore oral aesthetics
  • Custom-fitted to provide comfort



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What Are Dentures For?

Dentures, crafted for durability and functionality, are removable dental appliances designed to replace missing teeth. Comprising various materials, they restore oral aesthetics and facilitate improved chewing ability. Dentures provide a practical and effective solution for individuals seeking a comfortable and natural-looking tooth replacement option.


Initial consultation to assess your needs

Impressions taken to build your denture

Fitting appointment to ensure dentures provide optimal comfort

How Do I Know If I Need Dentures?

Whether you have multiple missing teeth or are experiencing challenges with loose teeth impacting your daily activities, dentures can effectively fill the gaps in your smile. If your oral health and confidence are affected, dentures offer a suitable long-term solution.

What's The Process To Receive Dentures?

The denture fitting process begins with an initial consultation to assess your dental needs. Subsequent steps involve taking impressions for custom denture creation and fitting. Our commitment continues with necessary adjustments and follow-up care to ensure your dentures provide optimal comfort and functionality for your brand-new smile!



Initial consultation to assess your needs


Impressions taken to build your denture


Fitting appointment to ensure dentures provide optimal comfort

Benefits Of Dentures

Dentures offer a range of enhancements to your quality of life. They not only restore your confidence to smile in photos and engage in public speaking but also contribute to improved oral health and ease in everyday activities like eating. The durability of dentures reduces future dental concerns, providing a lasting solution to your dental needs.

Denture Aftercare

Our commitment to your dental well-being extends beyond the initial procedure. We provide ongoing aftercare and support to ensure your dentures remain in excellent condition, ensuring your continued comfort and satisfaction.‍

But How Much Are Dentures?

Acknowledging the transformative impact and practical benefits of dentures, they are often perceived as a cornerstone of accessible tooth replacement. While the cost may be a concern for many, our clinic, OneDental, leverages technological and dental advancements to offer dentures starting from as little as £XX per set! For a comprehensive price chart, please contact our clinic for personalized information.

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